Glücksburg City

Glücksburg City

Experience a unique stay with us at the Strandhotel Glücksburg. Discover the fascination of the Baltic Sea and return home with wonderful memories that nobody can take away from you. The beach location of our hotel – only a stone’s throw away from Flensburg and Denmark – makes your holiday something very special.

Discover the fascinating landscape around Glücksburg, stroll along the promenade, visit sights such as the moated castle and much more!

  • Between forest and fjord

    Germany and Denmark, two countries, two cultures and two coasts directly opposite – and in between a lot of fresh air and the beautiful Flensburg Fjord. Sparkling blue water on the Baltic Sea beach, the vast landscape of fishing with refreshing forests and many lakes and the wide sky above – that fascinated Emil Nolde already.

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Glücksburg Castle

Glücksburg Castle, the castle park and the adjoining rose garden are a wonderful sight in our small town. Everything can be easily reached on foot or by bike in around 25 minutes from the Strandhotel. When the weather is nice, the picturesque grounds invite you to take a leisurely stroll around the castle lake. If it rains, we recommend one of the numerous guided tours. Especially in winter, the courtyard and park attract tourists and locals with the popular “Fairytale Christmas”.


  • Special tours

    A night tour through the old walls is an incomparable experience. Visit the castle when everyone else has gone and view the historical paintings and suits of armor by the flickering lamplight. More than 400 years of history are waiting to be told in a charmingly moderated manner. All dates and tickets are available in the castle’s online shop.

    – Bookable in November, January, February and March
    – 19 € including a glass of sparkling wine
    – Duration: approx. 90 minutes

    Night tour tickets