Locations and attractions

Locations and attractions

Germany and Denmark: Two countries, two cultures, and two coastlines ‒ directly opposite one another, in between the beautiful Flensburg Fjord. Emil Nolde had already been fascinated by the landscape, featuring refreshing forests, shimmering blue water washing up against the Baltic Sea beach and the vast sky above.

The Beach

of Sandwig

The Baltic Sea beach of Sandwig lies directly in front of the hotel, gently brushing against the white sand and inviting you in for a swim! The Danish coast and Danish Ox Islands appear to be just a few swimming strokes away.
Those who love sunbathing will be delighted to hear that there are beach chairs available, directly planted on the beach overlooking the beautiful fjord


Strandhotel Glücksburg

Numerous fantastic opportunities and activities are available in close vicinity of Strandhotel Gluecksburg, including a sailing trip on the Flensburg Fjord, stand-up paddling, swimming or sunbathing by the beach, hiking, walking or bicycling in one of the surrounding forests and more…

Head over to the historic city of Flensburg with its unique merchant harbors, museums and the gorgeous Roten Straße, and enjoy the cultural life and numerous attractions of this historical harbour town. In the immediate vicinity of Strandhotel, you can also visit the moated Castle, Castle Park or the “Rosarium” in Glücksburg, and of course, enjoy the wonderful Sandwig Beach and breathtaking nature surrounding Strandhotel Gluecksburg

Direct access to

the Baltic Sea

Experience a unique stay with us at Strandhotel Glücksburg. Situated by the Flensburg Fjord in-between Germany and Denmark to the mouth of the Baltic Sea, our beach hotel in Glücksburg provides the perfect location to make your holiday a special memory for years to come.

Discover the fascinating surrounding landscape, stroll along the beautiful promenade beaches and visit the landmarks of Glücksburg. Enjoy the many culinary delights we have to offer and admire the marvellous view of the sea – welcome to Strandhotel Gluecksburg