Find peaceful recreation and relaxation in our Wellness Lounge. A Finnish sauna and a bio sauna, as well as an infrared cabin and our steam bath are available.  Enjoy a timeout in the relaxation room and take a deep breath of the Baltic Sea air in our homely sauna garden. For our guests we serve free fruit, water and tea.

Saunas for


Taking a sauna is an effective way of reducing stress, relieving pain and preventing colds. Regular use also has a stabilizing effect on the heart and circulation. As the body warms from the heat of the sauna, your body produces sweat, burns calories and works to clear cellulite. The penetration of the heat helps to ease aches, pains, stiffness and soreness of muscles and joints.  The sauna also helps to strengthen the immune and cardiovascular systems, improve the skin and most importantly – promotes relaxation.



What could be better than treating yourself to a relaxing stay in the sauna after along day at work? Our aromatically infused saunas are particularly rejuvenating, due to their soothing effect and the numerous health benefits that they provide for the body and mind. Depending on which essential oil is being used, they can work to detoxify or strengthen the immune system, or have a calming or stimulating effect, giving you a soothing and relaxing experience.



Let our expert massage therapists and sensitive beauticians spoil you with relaxing massages and revitalizing treatments, using our high-quality products from Maria Galland Paris. Experience our assortment of sustainable and regional products, which has the right range for every skin type.