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Rooms & technology

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We have compiled this overview for you to see which room is most suitable for your congregation. There are four flat rates to choose from or you can rent the room against provision costs, in which case consumption will be taken into account. We would be happy to discuss your room requirements with you. Just give us a call!

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SpaceU-shape inner and outerU-shape outerTheatre-chair-shapeParlamentRound tables
Elisabeth Hall Small6036246032By arrangement
Elisabeth Hall Medium132563610048By arrangement
Elisabeth Hall Large1926850200100By arrangement

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Are you looking for a seminar room, a conference room or another facility for your corporate event or family celebration? Strandhotel Glücksburg has an array of suitable and stylish settings for your needs. Our rooms can also be rented for both conferences and events rooms.

Upon request, we also provide catering, event technology and other services. An extra benefit is that your guests are also able to spend the night onsite. Contact us with your inquiries, and we can break down the possibilities for you.

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