Support Programmes & Activities

Support Programmes & Activities

Activities offer a valuable opportunity to get to know each other in a casual and relaxed setting, which is crucial for working together effectively. This is why we host a variety of activities that can strengthen relationships and provide entertainment. For instance, try our archery, disc golf, whiskey tasting or a quiz show – there is something for everyone here! Have something else in mind? Contact us!

Team Challenge

or whiskey tasting


Whether you’re into disc golf in the park, Viking chess on the beach or tower building in the conference room, we provide over 100 modules of team challenges that you can pick from!


Taste and smell yourself through the landscapes of Scottish whiskey and experience a delightful and exclusive event!


or quiz show


This event requires precision and calm. From experience, we know that this this is also a special highlight at night!


Hit the buzzer and let’s go! In this game, the main priority is speed and having fun.