A local railway was established from Flensburg to Kappeln in 1885/86. On the water shipping traffic had been developing briskly since 1866, which was initiated by Friedrich Mommsen Bruhn with the first “Kleine Seemöwe” (small seagull). Steamers operated regularly on the fjord.

The “Strandhotel” was extremely popular among Flensburg society and with travellers from all over the world. Prominent sailors were frequent guests, e.g. Alfred Krupp loved it a lot, who came to sail on the fjord. Never to be forgotten is the visit of Kaiser Wilhelm II with his wife Auguste Viktoria, who, in 1890, docked their yacht “Hohenzollern” in front of the then relatively new and magnificent building with its distinctive gables. In their honour the legendary Kaiser menu consisting of twelve courses and ten wines was served, which is still prepared today. The imperial couple often came to Glücksburg in the following years and the townspeople enjoyed the court hustle and bustle.